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Effects and effectiveness

Effects of the backup system

The backup system offers the ideal combination to break the vicious cycle of back pain, inactivity, lack of exercise and muscle imbalance: soothing warmth, a gentle deep massage and the intensive strengthening of the back muscles create the basis for a healthy back.

Scientific studies prove the effectiveness of the backup system. The combination of electrical impulses and heat was shown to have significantly improved symptoms in 100 patients with chronic non-specific back pain. These are the findings of a study conducted by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Pain Therapy and Palliative Medicine (ZISOP) at Klagenfurt Hospital from 2015 to 2017.

The study proves that multidimensional dynamic deep-wave therapy is an effective and safe method of treating chronic back pain compared to standard treatment without electrotherapy and has been able to effectively improve pain in a large number of people.

Effectiveness at a glance:

Strengthens the back muscles:

Dynamic deep waves strengthen the back muscles with gentle electrical impulses while also activating the deep muscle layers. What’s special about this ‘muscle training’ is that no active tensing of the muscles is necessary. This means that even people with limited mobility can strengthen their muscles, counteract pain and prevent symptoms. In addition, not only are the muscles stimulated, but also the fascia, which is so essential for a healthy back.

Relaxation through warmth:

The stimulation mat can be heated up to 40°C. The heat helps to relieve muscle tension, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, reduces psychological stress and leads to more intensive relaxation.

Soothing deep massage:

The stimulation mat has a total of 12 channels that provide a pleasant, intensive deep massage all over the back that feels like a soothing tapping, kneading or stroking massage.

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