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How to use

Address back pain in a targeted manner with backup – it takes just 20 minutes per session

backup uses a holistic approach to counteract and effectively prevent back problems in the long term. The electrical and heat application of backup acts directly against uncomfortable muscle tension while also strengthening the back muscles in a targeted manner, thus helping to prevent new pain from developing. Specially selected back exercises that can be carried out comfortably and easily at home top off the concept of lasting back health.

Analysis and calibration

The optimal use of the backup system is based on an individual analysis of the different areas of the back. Depending on the back area and personal well-being, stimulations are perceived at different levels of intensity. The analysis ensures that all areas of the back are stimulated with an individually adjusted intensity to ensure optimal results. Once the analysis is complete, scientifically validated user programmes are suggested by the backup system.

Targeted use

The backup system contains over 40 pre-installed programmes with optimal parameters for muscle building, muscle relaxation and deep tissue massage. Using the backup is simple and intuitive. Programmes are managed and selected conveniently via touch screen. The user controls the intensity via remote control.

Effective muscle building:

Gentle electrical impulses target nerves, connective tissue and muscles, thus promoting the strengthening of the back muscles. In addition, they cause the release of endorphins (often called happy hormones) which have a positive effect on the entire body.

Soothing heat application:

The backup stimulation mat can be heated up to 40°C. The soothing warmth helps fight muscle tension, promotes blood circulation, boosts your metabolism, has a stress-reducing effect and leads to intense recovery.

Muscle relaxation:

Muscle relaxation in the back is vital for breaking the vicious cycle of tension, back pain, relieving postures and stress.

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